Pentecostalism in Fiction: A List

This is a preliminary list of fiction with elements of Pentecostal, Holiness, or Charismatic Christianity. I will add to it periodically. The nationality of the authors, determined by their country of birth and/or how they self-identify, is in brackets. I will link my reviews to stories or novels when I post the reviews.
(UPDATED Nov. 1, 2013; special thanks to John Weaver for his suggestions. Weaver is the author of Evangelicals and the Arts in Fiction)

Allen, Preston L. Jesus Boy (2010, USA)
Allison, Dorothy. Bastard out of Carolina (1992, USA)
Ashour, Linda. Speaking in Tongues (1988, USA)
Baldwin, James. Go Tell It on the Mountain (1953, USA)
Brown, Rita Mae. Bingo (1988, USA)
Caldwell, Erskine. Tobacco Road (1955, USA)
Cash, Wiley. A Land More Kind Than Home (2012, USA)
Chercover, Sean. The Trinity Game (2012, Canada/USA)
Chute, Carolyn. The Beans of Egypt, Maine (1985, USA)
Delillo, Don. The Names (1982, USA)
Edgerton, Clyde. Lunch at the Piccadilly (2003, USA)
Enger, Leif. Peace Like a River (2001, USA)
Enquist, Per Olov. Lewi's Journey (Lewis Resa, 2001; English translation 2005, Sweden)
Espeeth, Amy. Sufficient Grace (2012, USA)
Gwyn, Aaron. Dog on the Cross: Stories (2003, USA)
Heinlein, Robert A. Stranger in a Strange Land (1961, USA)
Hendra, Tony. The Messiah of Morris Avenue (2007, UK)
Hiaasen, Carl. Nature Girl (2006, USA)
Hinnefeld, Joyce. “Speaking in Tongues.” Tell Me Everything (1998, USA)
Hollins Flowers, Sandra. “Hope of Zion.” Prize Stories 1981: The O Henry Awards (1981, USA)
House, Silas. The Coal Tattoo (2005, USA)
House, Silas. Clay's Quilt (2002, USA)
Huffey, Rhoda. The Hallelujah Side (2000, USA)
James, Marlon. John Crow's Devil (2005, Jamaica)
Johnston, Wayne. “Catechism” The Walrus (July 2005, Canada)
Kerney, Kelly. Born Again (2006, USA)     
Kurtz, Don. Churchgoers  (2007, USA)
Lewis, Sinclair. Elmer Gantry (1926, USA)
Limey, Romulus. Jesus Tales (1980, USA)
Livingston, Billie. Cease to Blush (2007, Canada)
Martin, Samuel Thomas. A Blessed Snarl (2012, Canada)
Merrick, Elizabeth. Girly (2005, USA)
Miller, Kei. Same Earth (2008, Jamaica)        
Morgan, Robert. Truest Pleasure (1995, USA)
Packer, ZZ. "Speaking in Tongues." Drinking Coffee Elsewhere (2003, USA)
Parker-Sharp, Clive. The Box (2012, UK)
Parks, Tim. Tongues of Flame (1985, UK)
Pearson, T. R. Gospel Hour (1992, USA)
Peretti, Frank E. Piercing the Darkness (1988, USA)
Peretti, Frank E. This Present Darkness (1986, USA)
Peretti, Frank E. The Visitation (1999, USA)
Perrotta, Tom. The Leftovers (2011, USA)
Pollock, Donald Ray. The Devil All the Time (2011, USA)
Quinonez, Ernesto. Chango’s Fire (2004, USA)
Reynolds, Sheri. The Rapture of Canaan (1995, USA)
Sinclair, Upton. Oil! (1927, USA)
Smith, Lee. Oral History (1983, USA)
Smith, Lee. Saving Grace (1995, USA)
Smith, Lee. "Tongues of Fire." The Christ-Haunted Landscape:
     Faith and Doubt in Southern Fiction (1994, USA)
Spoon, Rae. First Spring Grass Fire (2012, Canada)
Stephenson, Neal. Snow Crash (1992, USA)
Steinbeck, John. The Grapes of Wrath (1939, USA)
Tartt, Donna. The Little Friend (2002, USA)
West, Nathanael. The Day of the Locust (1939, USA)
Winterson Jeanette. Oranges Are not the Only Fruit (1985, UK)

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